Sunday, December 20, 2009


i started to work on mailbox today. the one we have right now is just to make building department happy. the new one will better correspond to the house.
rough framed and sheathed
the concept behind mailbox is similar to the one of the house. after wrapping it in scrape vaproshield membrane piece, it will be covered with combination of cement board and hardwood. two little legs will go into the ground.


little update in smaller guest room. since the bed didnt have any headboard we wanted to create something that would take its place but also serve as large wall decoration.

entry with small round accent chair.


this weekend we decided to organize all the mess in the garage. lots of materials and tools from building process were just laying around. we used leftover lumber that is still alying around outside behind the house, to make some shelves.

small shop area with lumber shelf above

time lapse