Monday, August 10, 2009


coming to the site in the morning we saw this huge pump from distance of two blocks. the length of the arme is really impressive. there were some little things that needed attention before the pour.
at 7 am we were rady to begin. first trenches were filled and vibrated .
next, the slab was poured, and concrete was tamped with metal grate and roughly evened. purpose of tamping was to push the aggregate inside the concrete mass so the surface could be worked smooth.
while the concrete was setting, garrage was being prepared for pour.
three rounds of concrete smoothing were done. i found very interesting that different material of trowel does different job. while alloy trowel just roughly evens the surface, metal one makes the surface almost mirror smooth.
finished slab, with forms removed. to control cracking, control joints will be saw cut next day. concrete was hard enough within few hours for us to be able to walk on it withoud leaving traces. however it will take 30 days for slab to completly cure.
garrage monoslab with hand crafted control joints.

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