Friday, September 18, 2009

trip to ikea

we took trip to Ikea in Salt Lake City. This is the closest store to denver. We flew there and drove back. Phone ordered our kitchen cabinets and appliances to make sure we will get everything we need. Ouro rder was delivered to storage warehouse where we picked it up. In addition we bought what we liked in actuall Ikea store.
and some images from our drive back.


  1. So, how much better priced was Ikea than other places for the kitchen cabinets? I've enjoyed following your blog!

  2. the whole kitchen including matching appliances made by whirlpool was around $4700. i can honestly tell you that you will not be able to find better deal for kitchin looking this good. of course you have to put it together yourself, but if i compare it with quote from henry built for simmilar style kitchen it is steal. henry built is better quality but they wouldnt touch anything less than $25,000, and for our kitchen they quoted over $30,000. just google Ikea kitchin in Abstract white. also now they have same finish in grey, and also stainless steel cabinets, which i loved a lot, and maybe we would went with them if we didnt have concrete floors, it would be just so much grey.