Sunday, November 1, 2009

weekend progress

we worked on lots of little things this weekend. we added side curtain on the peninsula end and sealed all counter top surfaces. knowing how messy it gets when we cook we decided to go with topical sealer rather than penetration one. this should protect us from most of the stains. it also gave counter tops nice satin finish.

some finish electrical items were also installed this week, along with some interior lighting fixtures. also we started filling control joints with silicone compound.
siding continues. we installed all siding on tall side side.
more images, viac obrazkov tu klikni


  1. Looks Great! I've been following your blog for some time now. I plan on building my own modern home in about a year. How did you attach the side concrete curtain to the peninsula?

  2. thanks,
    i stuck a bolt into the concrete while it was still wet. that bolt attaches through 2x4 on the end of peninsula. you can see it on first image from my last post if you look closely.

  3. waw ze idem sa pozriet, ved vy sa uz budete stahovaaat, vypada to super, tesim sa na dalsie fotoze.. zdravim janku aj