Saturday, January 2, 2010

shower door

our shower door finally arrived. it is frameles glass slab with two hinges and handle. 3/8" thick glass is quite heavy making it paint to install.


  1. Kudos on your home! I just went through all the entries and I'd like to say everything looks great, congratulations.

    My wife and I are in the engineering stages of our project, so we are hoping to get ours going by March. It's an exciting time.

    I have a couple of questions for you, whenever you have a moment.

    1. We are also considering the same Jeld-Wen window/sliding doors you used (budget doesn't allow for full aluminum store-front type). Do you have any comments to share?

    2. Really Cool Kitchen hood: is it working well as far as power and exhausting without the usual wide shroud? Do you mind sharing where you bought it from?

    Thanks for your time,


  2. robert,
    thanks for your comments
    1. jeld-windows are very decend quality considering the price you pay. we aslo wanted storefront but had budget that we didnt want to cross. i have two comments though. their packaging is not greatest. some of ours came with cosmetic damages on interior (wood) jambs due to straps that hold protective material being too tight around them. we contacted jeld wen and they had their rep look at it next day. he admitted that this is common damage that happens during packaging and transport. they took care of it. other thing is to make sure you seal interior wood of windows really good especially in bathrooms. here in colorado big temperature differences between outside and inside of your home can cause condensation on your windows and moisture getting on the wood.
    as for the hood i like how it performs. it has 3 fan speeds from which i only use lowest, and it is sufficient. quiet as well. it also features 3 led lights and timer. we were even thinking of getting 2 and install them next to each other. we ordered it online from proline range hoods. if you want to pony up some more $$$, elica has some really nice kitchen hoods.