Sunday, April 18, 2010

bathroom concrete countertops

one is finally done

counter top in place. this 5'x2' piece wasnt so heavy so we could manage to install it in place without additional pair of hands. it came out much better than kitchen ones in terms of air holes. guess we did good job vibrating it. but than, it is matter of what you prefer. solid consistent look like this one or speckled look that we have in the kitchen. now the last thing is to caulk and put back all the fixtures back in place.
wet grinding . very messy process.
form with freshly poured concrete.
...demolition work done. we decided to do concrete countertops for both bathrooms. hardie's countertops were only temporary to make building department happy and they were not too nice. now when I have experiences from kitchen it should go fast.


  1. Haha Frenk inak maka, ruky vo vrecku .)

  2. Countertop looks nice. Is it green? Did you use a Cheng color mix or other?

  3. we did not use any color additive as we like natural concrete color/look. it will be grey when it cures. you are probably refering to image with freshly poured concrete. when it is fresh it looks greenish.

  4. Hello--we have a very similar house and our bathroom vanities are similar too! I'm wondering about the weight of the concrete top on your vanity. About how much does it weight? Did you have to do extra reinforcement? Would LOVE to do this with ours as we went with Walnut tops with a white sink and looks great but not as versatile.