Wednesday, September 29, 2010

living room tv cabinets

we got 4 low cabinet frames that will go along the wall. two on the sides had to be modified to fit the room width.

 portion of the cabinets in both corners had to be cot off.
since there is no space to run your cables we had to do a little hack. cabinets are held 4" off the wall to create cavity for all the cables. 

than we used kitchen plinth to create removable cover, that covers the gap. now we can add as many cable holes in the plinth as we need. looks very clean, no cables to mess with.

 now with the frames, they could stay open or be covered. we left some of them open for electronics and  used  shelves with high gloss panels for rest of them. drawers were located asymmetrically. shelf was also hung to the right of tv to eliminate symmetry even more.
 also some cabinets were added behind the sofa.

looks very nice, we are quite pleased with the outcome.

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  1. taketo nieco podobne chcem aj ja si dat. teraz ale riesim tu kupelku, co s nou