Tuesday, February 8, 2011

completing subwoofer

now that the garage is back to normal i was able to finish what was left on subwoofer. plate amp arrived 3 weeks earlier so i have had all the parts necessary for a while. first thing i did was i mounted woofer in place and added spikes.

amp wired to the driver

now it is polyfill time. i got bag from wall marts hobby section. enclosure needs to be stuffed with it. the good amount is 1 to 1.5 pound per cubic foot. stuffing too dense would have exactly opposite effect on enclosure and made it smaller. the way this works is that the air inside  moved by cone displacement wiggles poly fill fibers. their movements warm up the air inside the enclosure. warm air is less dense than cold air which makes the volume of the enclosure bigger than it really is.

and the finished product. i still need to finish cover frame and apply speaker cloth.

 finally done, all complete with cloth cover


  1. Krasne si to urobil. Ale je to pekne velka pracka :) janka ta nebije? :))))