Sunday, February 22, 2009

tree felling

photo of neighbourhood
and lots of firewood for camping

at the end, we ended up with big pile of branches

we saved this big old beautifull one in the front yard. at the begining we wanted it gone, looking at it today we couldnt.  just trimmed it little so it will not be in the way of house.  the main problems with this tree is its roots. they spread all the way to the half of the property.  general rule is that any roots under the perimeter of crown shouldnt be touched in order for the tree to survive.  we even had stomp guy take a look at it to see what could be done.  he recomended to fell the whole tree if we want to build in its proximity as it would eventualy most likely die. we will see.

Jan helped us a lot.  when i was running out of strenght he showed up to do some more sawing.
paradoxly,  we had most trouble with smallest tree. it just wouldnt fall where we wanted.

our friends Jan and Frank came afternoon to help us.

lunch time

we have 4 big trees on the land. or i should say we had 4 trees. now we have one.  

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