Friday, October 16, 2009

hardwood siding

in addition to hardie board siding, we are using brazilian mahagony hardwood. we are installing it with open joints to create vented rainscreen. couple rows at the bottom are not installed yet so they dont get damaged, as we are still waiting for excavation sub to install perimeter drain.
we got also connected to water sewer and gas this week.

boards need to be countersunk pre-drilled prior to atachement. we are using brown coated ss screws to attach to verticals.


  1. hi, congratulation on your beatiful home. I have followed up the progress of your house, and I have been a fan since the start. i liked the brasilian mahagony siding, and i was wondering how much did that cost and where did you purchase, and if you are happy with the results?
    looking forward to see more pictures
    best, nensi

  2. we bought from local lumber yard, and got pretty good price due to the amount we were getting and some negotiations, lol. ended up paying $2.09 per lineal foot. and yes, we love it. it means staining it every so many years if you dont want it to start turning grey thouh. we will be using same hardwood to build deck this spring.

  3. Hi. Your house is beautiful. Curious to know where you sourced your hardi board siding and its approximate cost? Does it come in sheets? It it hard work work with? I'm considering stucco for my house. But I really like the look of hardi backer mixed with the natural wood tones.


  4. cement boards are actual hardie siding brand, any lumber yard should be able to order it for you. it comes in boards or planks. we used 4'x8' and 4'x9' boards. they are around 25$ each. heavy stuff, definitely have a helper when you work with it. also get special blade to cut it. avoid breathing the dust. it comes with stucco texture as well. it will not crack. stucco has tendency to crack. i like stucco but it is more expensive.

  5. Hey With the hardie boards are you using the 1/4 or the 1/2 in boards?