Sunday, October 11, 2009

weekend progress

we assembled all kitchen cabinets this saturday. doors and drawers will be installed later, after cabinets are in place and countertop is in place. our friend tomas helped us to manage this in one day.
sunday we finished installing and painting rain screen supports. as a final touch i rented planer and shaved verticals that were not in plane with other ones, to ensure that siding lines will be straight.


  1. very nice house! i like the wood/panel mix. i am trying to figure out what exterior to use on my own home. want warm modern look with low maintenance. will probably end up with the panel and wood accent mix.

    are the fasteners flush mount and will you be filling/painting over them? and will you be using any kind of trim on the panel corners?


  2. hardie panels are nailed flush. they will be painted. wood will be screwed flush too. need to pre-drill with countersunk bit. we are using brown coated ss screws. no trims.